External Gear Pumps SG Pumps Aniyarya Pumps
SS External Gear Pumps Aniyarya Pumps
Fuel Pressurizing Internal Gear Pump Aniyarya Pumps
Double Helical Gear Pump Aniyarya Pumps
Axial Flow Split Casing Pumps Beacon Weir
Industrial Duty Monobloc Pumps Beacon Weir
Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps ARS Beacon Weir
Vertical / Horizontal Non Clog Pumps Beacon Weir
Complete Range of Products Bonfiglioli Transmission
In line Helical Gear boxes (AS) Bonfiglioli Transmission
Worm Gearbox Worm Geared Motor (W) Bonfiglioli Transmission
Worm Gearbox Worm Geared Motor (VF) Bonfiglioli Transmission
Parallel Shaft Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Transmission
Planetary Gear Boxes F Series Bonfiglioli Transmission
Mechanical Variators VFR Series Bonfiglioli Transmission
Complete range of Products Crompton Greaves
Crane Duty Motors Crompton Greaves
Electric Motors Crompton Greaves
Complete Range of products Johnson Pumps
Combi Norm - CN Series- Water pumps Johnson Pumps
Combi Chem - CC/CCR Series- Chemical Process Johnson Pumps
Combi Therm - CCL Series-High Temperature Johnson Pumps
Combi Bloc- Short Coupled pumps Johnson Pumps
Combi Centre Line- Johnson Pumps
Combi Flex- Vertical Process pumps Johnson Pumps
Combi Prime- Self priming process pumps Johnson Pumps
Combi Prime Vertical- Self priming vertical Johnson Pumps
Flexible Impeller Pump- FDA approved pumps Johnson Pumps
Fre Flow- Stainless steel Self Priming pumps Johnson Pumps
Self Priming Non Clog Pump-KGEN Johnson Pumps
Non Clog Self Priming Soft Packed Johnson Pumps
Multistage Pumps -MCH- Horizontal / Vertical Johnson Pumps
Multistage - Regenerative type-BUS/RBU Johnson Pumps
Internal Gear Pump TG- Johnson Pumps
Top Lobe FDA Approved   TL - Johnson Pumps
PDP - Internal Top Gear Johnson Pumps
PDP - Rotary Lobe Pumps - Top Wing Johnson Pumps
Chemical Pumps Johnson
Vertical Cantilever Pumps VO Johnson
PDP - Rotary Lobe Pumps Johnson Pumps
Vertical turbine pumps Jyoti Limited
Complete range Leaflet Rajedia Pumps
PP M�n blocks PPM Series Raje-Dia Pumps
Non Metallic Pull Out Pumps PPE Raje-Dia Pumps
FEP Lined Pumps PPK Raje-Dia Pumps
VPP Series Vertical Submerged Non Metallic Raje-Dia Pumps
RD Series Metallic Armour Supported Pumps Raje-Dia Pumps
Special design Thermic Fluid Pumps MAS pumps
Double Diaphragm Pumps Ingersoll-Rand
Piston Pumps Ingersoll-Rand
150 mm Submersible UQD/BPD KSB Submersible
100 mm Submersible UQD/BPD KSB Submersible
Dewatering Pumps M Series Mody Pumps
Submersible Sewage Pumps Mody Pumps
Swimming pool cleaners Mody Pumps
Portable Fire Fighting pumps Mody Pumps
Complete range of products Wilo
Vertical Stainless Steel Pumps Wilo
Variable Speed Pumps Wilo
Stainless Steel Sewage Submersible Wilo
Hydro Pneumatic Systems Wilo
Horizontal Stainless Steel Pumps Wilo
Magnetic Seal-less Pump Taha Pumps
  Special Products other than Pumps , motors and gear boxes
Construction Equipment - Jack Hammer Ingersoll-rand
Construction Equipment - Payment Breaker Ingersoll-rand
Pneumatic Tools Ingersoll-rand
Material Handling Equipments Ingersoll-rand
Hydraulic Rock Breakers Indus
Crawler / 4" ( 100 MM) rock drills Indus